By Guignol

This is a basic primer for new readers.

Setbacks is a continuing story of semi-aquatic horror.

The series follows the residents of Setbacks County as they slowly descend into madness.

and Francis are Farmer Earl’s imaginary adopted dolphin children. Both are criminally insane.

Farmer Earl, sometimes referred to as Chuckles, is a drunken farmer who operates Setbacks Farms, for which the comic is named. The series takes place in Setbacks County, Kentucklahoma, which is located halfway between Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Molasses Junction, Monasses.



Blanche is Earl’s senile wife.                                                               







Rufus is a 9-foot tall Smurf-like abomination-thing
that may or may not be imaginary.





Sara is Earl and Blanche’s biological
daughter who lives away at college.







Magical Meaticorns are native to Setbacks County
and are considered a local delicacy.






Uncle Money Bags!

Wealthy American uncle.
(World’s 2nd-richest Dolphin)




Sharkman has fallen on hard times.    







All characters published by Brett Schwaner 2007-2011


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